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Residential Artificial Grass ​

Enhance your outdoors with a premium synthetic lawn made of Vegas Artificial Grass. We believe every home deserves a clean and safe outdoors where adults and kids can enjoy the sanctuary of home. You do not need to worry about allergens, pollens, mud, or rain because Vegas Artificial Grass is synthetic and environmentally friendly. Pets will be happy. too. This is your perfect solution to saving time, money, and effort.

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Commercial Artificial Grass

The superb quality of our Commercial Artificial Grass is consistently proven in extreme weather conditions in Vegas. No other brand comes close to our synthetic turf technology. We make sure your budget is well invested on durability, efficiency, and longevity. Our excellent turf products will be a great choice for any size of business. So, if you want to impress your customers, we can transform your external building spaces into scenic landscapes just outside the windows and doors.

Putting Greens

Our artificial grass is the best product for putting greens when homeowners are looking for quality. It is clean, safe, and durable to use on multiple surfaces. We can add hills and challenging green areas that any golfer will enjoy. Our artificial grass will maintain its original form despite exposure to extreme weather and physical activities. If you are looking for a great, long-lasting option for the golfer in your household a new putting green makes an excellent choice.

Putting GreeNS
Playgrounds & SCHOOLS

Artificial Grass for Playground and Schools

Installation of Vegas Artificial Grass in children’s playgrounds and schools can be beneficial in terms of health and safety. There will be no insects, mud, allergens, and other factors that can cause accidents and sickness. Parents will have a peace of mind watching kids playing and feel confident leaving them at school. We have a premium selection suitable for all kinds of specific conditions.

Artificial Grass for Sports Centers

Artificial grass surfaces are commonly used in sports centers. They are specifically designed for sports like field hockey, tennis, lawn bowling, lacrosse, and soccer. It provides safety for players in the field to minimize accidents. The durability of the artificial grass makes an ideal turf both for looks and performance. We specialize in custom-made greens to fit the demands of each type of sport.

Playgrounds & SCHOOLS

What Makes Vegas Artificial Grass Customers Satisfied?

Real estate agents will tell you – owners of real estate always need to upgrade. Synthetic turf becomes a practical choice for modern exteriors. As a premium supplier of Vegas Artificial Grass, we are here to meet your expectations and provide everything you need.

We have seen a lot of customers switching to our artificial grass of late. You might know one of them who made the right choice over the real grass especially in Las Vegas where our water shortage is such a hot-button issue. The advantages and benefits of synthetic turf make our customers happy. Our highly recommended products and services are available and ready for installation anywhere in Vegas.

Vegas Artificial Grass saves our community both time and money. You should spend your valuable time on the most important things in life rather than mowing your lawn. Of course, none of us can afford to waste any resources. Water in the Las Vegas Valley is at an all -time crisis level. All of us can do our part by switching to water smart landscaping like artificial grass.

Aside from economic reasons, our premium synthetic lawns are safe to use with children and pets. Let them play outdoors without worrying about allergens, mud, and insects. Instead, both parents and kids will enjoy a relaxing time with the entire family free of these concerns.

Cleaning your backyard made of artificial grass is easy because all you need is a broom or a leaf blower. Even if you have pets running all around, you do not have to worry about digging a hole and leaving dirt behind.

Of all the benefits of Vegas Artificial Grass, one that we don’t want to leave out is our proven expertise in supplying the premium materials, equipment, and installation.

How Does Vegas Artificial Grass Benefit You?

  1. .Original-Close appearance to natural grass
  2. .Safe – Environmentally Friendly
  3. .Efficient – No watering, no mowing
  4. Clean – No allergens, mud, and insects
  5. Consultation – Get free quote
  6. Improvements – Can increase home value
  7. Protection – Resistant to weather and pets
  8. Aesthetics – Decorative for poolside
  9. Customizable – Coverage for any size of floor area
  10. Warrantee – 15 years warranty period
Artificial Grass Offers A Lot Of Features That You Won’t Get With A Grass Lawn.

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