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Say goodbye to maintenance.
Say hello to lower water bills.


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Vegas Artificial Grass

All synthetic lawns from Vegas Artificial Grass will bring you the satisfaction of saving you precious time, the environment, and money. We are proud to have helped many people reap the benefits of a low-maintenance yard alternative that requires no water – from public parks and recreational areas to schools, businesses, and homes!

Although it is synthetic in nature, it looks and feels just like a natural lawn, minus the allergens, pollen, and mud. Our products are all pet-friendly and safe for households with small children. Artificial grass is the ideal solution to saving time, effort, money, and precious resources. Need more reasons?

Top Reasons to Install Vegas Artificial Grass

Low maintenance

A budget-friendly installation of synthetic turf without extra work


No lawn mowing

No need to hire a lawnmower


Eliminate air pollutants

Fertilizers causing air pollution will never be used

Environmentally friendly

Reduce energy and water consumption

Longevity of usage

Synthetic turf technology promises years of durability

Superior Drainage System

Rain and mud won’t be a problem

Excellent Quality

True value for the money

Elegant and Practical

Beautify the surroundings instantly

Save Time and Effort

Get the job done efficiently

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Artificial Grass in Las Vegas

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Say goodbye to maintenance. Say hello to lower water bills.

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Artificial Grass Offers a Lot of Features That You Won’t Get With a Grass Lawn.

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