Whether you are a school, contractor, or mom, an artificial grass play area is the best choice for children’s safety. Other typical surfaces present dangers you may not even realize are there. With artificial turf, parents will have peace of mind. Learn why other turfs are unsafe, where to get the best synthetic grass for schools, and why artificial grass for kid’s play areas is safer than other turf forms, even grass!

The Dangers of Playground Surfaces

Playground surfaces harbor many hazards. Over 80% of playground injuries happen because someone falls and gets hurt. These injuries are mostly preventable. But unfortunately, thought was not put into the turf. Many play areas structures overcrowd or stand too high with nothing to guard against falls. Imagine falling on hard, pokey surfaces that are difficult to maintain, and go unchecked. 

National Standards for Playground Safety

Many don’t realize that there are national standards for playground surfaces. Non-artificial options require a lot of maintenance to fit the criteria. It is necessary to have a minimum of a foot of wood chips, mulch, pea gravel, sand, or mats made of safety-tested rubber or a rubber-like surface. Replacing trod down surfaces costs more than schools and community parks have money for and cause issues for anyone trying to keep them clean.

Some play areas still have cement surfaces. If you live anywhere, such as Las Vegas, the issue of heat is amplified by these unsafe options. 
vegas Artificial Grass for a Kids Play Area

Why Artificial Grass for a Kids’ Play Area Is Better

Artificial grass for a kids’ play area looks and feels almost exactly like natural grass. It reduces the opportunity for injury severely with its outstanding shock absorption. When installing, use the recommended rubber mat options beneath the installation, and voila! The turf you choose can provide a safety factor up to 7 feet high falls. 

Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy, so kids don’t get dirty rolling around in it — an especially great option for schools! Save time by not having to cut or maintain the grass. The cleaning process is incredibly accessible for anyone property type: home, school, or park. Additionally, cleaning is eco-friendly. Don’t know how to clean fake grass? Click here. 

It’s essential to consider the monetary savings, too. While installation may seem like a high price, the long-term savings on maintenance will considerably exceed other options. 

Your artificial grass play area will look lush and green for years to come, and it will stand up to heavy play and use, unlike alternatives. It won’t develop dead spots, holes, divots, or mud and dirt spots. As a bonus, it’s safe for pets.

Vegas Artificial Synthetic Grass for Schools

Get Professional Installation of Synthetic Grass for Schools

Ensuring your artificial grass play area meets all of the national safety standards for playground surfaces requires proper installation. When it comes to synthetic grass for schools, you want a professional company with the experience and expertise to offer a safe surface for your kids to run and play. If you have questions, we are always there to help. Contact Vegas Artificial Grass for any of your Las Vegas artificial grass needs!

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