Artificial turf can be a fantastic way to offset the look of your flagstone, and you’ll never have to worry about cutting or weeding. Using artificial turf to create flagstone designs can give you a truly unique and stunning look that your friends and neighbors will talk about for years. Learn how to install artificial grass between flagstone to create an amazing outdoor oasis design.


Get Creative with Designs

The first step in using artificial turf with your flagstone design is pre-planning your flagstone layout. Don’t be afraid to lay the flagstones out in whatever way you want so you can see how they’ll work. Get creative in how you implement your design. You can pick up and re-lay your pavers to create the ideal setup for you, whether you want rounded, winding paths, straight checkerboard-style looks, pyramids, or any other contour or design you like. 


How to Install Artificial Grass between Flagstone

DIY installing artificial grass

After you’ve settled on a design, it’s time to install the artificial grass. Work hand in hand with your hardscaping contractor to lay out the grass. There are two ways to approach this. They can either lay the grass in strips or cut around the grass to fit the pavers.

 When choosing an installation technique, keep in mind that the strip method displays visible seams and is less secure. In general, the cut-around process will achieve the best result. Here’s how to install artificial grass between flagstone.


  1. You’ll need to prepare the ground for drainage and install the proper fill so when it rains, the water has somewhere to go. If you are using the cut-around method, lay the pavers on top of the fill.
  2. Next, arrange the artificial grass over the top of the fill and pavers. Let it rest for a few hours. This will give fibers the time to stand and the backing to form around each paver.
  3. Next, affix the grass to the ground. Finishing nails can help keep the grass centered and in place so that you make your cuts.
  4. After you do this, cut around the pavers. Use a very sharp utility blade for this process. Take it slow and keep the blade pressed against each paver. You want to make cuts in small increments so that it all looks seamless. When completed, permanently secure the grass to the ground.
  5. Go back and attach the artificial grass panels. This is crucial when laying your grass and ensures a solid and invisible seam. Usually, you’ll use joining tape and glue.
  6. Finally, install the fill and smooth. 


Get Help from the Pros

installing artificial grass

This process can be very complicated, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Get help from a professional artificial turf installer and ensure that everything is done perfectly the first time around. Contact Vegas Artificial Grass to install artificial grass between flagstones today!

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