Knowing how to clean fake grass is a must! With more and more lawns going artificial, it’s no wonder. Fake Grass is eco-friendly because it requires no water and no lawnmower. It feels and acts almost exactly like the real thing, so it’s a way to have a beautiful lawn with no fuss and no muss. However, many people wonder how to clean fake grass when it gets dirty or dusty.

Go Big or Go Small

Many tools can help you clean your artificial turf. Power tools exist just for this purpose. A power broom for artificial turf is one of the most popular solutions. Once only used by professionals, the power brush is now widely available and lets you clean your grass almost the same way as you would mow regular grass.

Other options are a leaf blower that you can use to blow dirt and debris out of the grass. Turf vacuums are another option. Machinery to clean your lawn comes in just about any size for any lawn, from small, low-power items to big industrial machines.

How to Use a Turf Vacuum

An artificial turf vacuum is a great solution for many people. It works a lot like a push carpet cleaner: you’ll have a solution tank and a recovery tank. The vacuum will dispense the cleaning solution, and brushes will run to clean the grass.

After you clean and brush, the vacuum function will suck up the moisture into the recovery tank, leaving your grass shiny and clean. It is that easy. Always confirm that the cleaning solution you’re using is eco-friendly and that your turf is rated for it. The wrong cleaner can damage your grass.

step will help keep your grass pristine

What If I Don’t Own a Machine?

If you don’t own a cleaning machine, don’t worry. Many artificial lawns, especially smaller ones, can easily be cleaned without heavy equipment. You can clean your artificial turf with tools you may already have in the house.

Use the Right Tools

The hand tools you can use to clean your turf include a broom, a hose, buckets, and a deck brush. First, use a flexible plastic lawn rake or a stiff-bristled broom to remove dry debris like twigs and leaves. Next, prepare an eco-friendly cleaning solution in a bucket. This step will help keep your grass pristine. Hose down the yard to moisten it, and use a push broom or deck brush to apply the cleaner. Work in sections to be sure you get everything.

Hose down the grass again after you’re done scrubbing to remove the cleaning solution and dirt. When you’re done, let it air dry. Groom the lawn with a rack or broom if the grass blades lie funny from the hose.

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Get Advice From the Pros

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in machinery to clean your turf, give the professionals a call for advice. Contact Vegas Artificial Grass to help with your artificial grass needs!

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