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Keep Kids Safe With An Artificial Grass Play Area

Whether you are a school, contractor, or mom, an artificial grass play area is the best choice for children’s safety. Other typical surfaces present dangers …

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vegasartifiialgrass - maintenance tips

How To Clean Fake Grass Like a Pro

Knowing how to clean fake grass is a must! With more and more lawns going artificial, it’s no wonder. Fake Grass is eco-friendly because it …

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Artificial Grass is Best for Your Dog's Potty Routine

Why Artificial Grass is Best for Your Dog’s Potty Routine

Artificial grass offers many advantages to the everyday user: It’s eco-friendly, doesn’t require watering or cutting, easy to maintain, and always looks great! People with …

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vegas artiicial grass pool

Install Artificial Grass Around the Pool with These Proven Methods

A clean-looking wrap of grass around the pool makes your outdoor oasis absolutely refreshing. It gives a feeling of peace, serenity, and calm. What isn’t …

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Flagstone and artificial grass

How to Create an Amazing Flagstone Design with Artificial Grass

Artificial turf can be a fantastic way to offset the look of your flagstone, and you’ll never have to worry about cutting or weeding. Using …

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Vehicle in water

All You Need to Know about Fake Grass and Water Damage

Artificial turf can be a fantastic choice for those in desert and drought-prone regions like Las Vegas. The lawn will always stay a beautiful deep …

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