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Vegas Artificial Grass is the only company in Southern Nevada that has constructed sports turf in four different countries with over 80 installations in the United States.

Our completed projects include multiple indoor and outdoor turf installations such as football fields, soccer fields, putting greens and playground turf. Each one demonstrates the quality of workmanship and expertise that goes into every one of our athletic field installations.

Vegas Artificial Grass also offers hitting mats, on-deck circles, and halos for around home plate along with cage turf. So, no matter what your sports need is, Vegas Artificial Grass has you covered.

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No. 1 Premium Supplier of Sports Turf

Vegas Artificial Grass has the most trusted expertise in the installation of artificial grass for various industries. Sports is one of the areas where artificial grass has replaced natural grass -often recognized for football fields and golf course practice areas. Our competencies in building sports turf surfaces include these and many more.

As the premium supplier of sports turf in Vegas, we know that you are looking for the best choice at a competitive price. You can count on our professional experience in the installation of synthetic grass and turf for many different sporting surfaces. Give us a call today to tell us your unique situation.

Beyond Durability of Artificial Grass

Artificial sports surfaces often need to conform to multiple uses and they must be low maintenance. But, these surfaces (covered in artificial grass) offers benefits beyond the commercial use.

Synthetic turf actually gives athletes and players a more conducive surface allowing them to perform better. The intense actions on the sports field requires a surface the is capable of absorbing shock. Fields made of artificial grass help the athletes to move fast and efficiently.

Another advantage of the sports surfaces made of artificial grass is providing consistency in speed and stability of footing. As a result, players have better footwork. This is a consideration for the athlete’s safety.

Superior Performance of Artificial Turf

Because synthetic material is built to last, even harsh changes in the weather won’t ruin the original form of the artificial grass.

In this day and age of modern sports, the property owners and decision-makers love the overall performance of synthetic turf. This is because running a sports team or business is already a tough job. Choosing Vegas Artificial Grass as your artificial turf partner, allows you to move on to other things.


Modern Applications of Sports Turf

The widespread application of our grass includes the synthetic turf for football, golf, and field hockey. We offer customization to meet your needs because surfaces for sports vary in size, capacity, and materials.

Artificial grass is specifically designed to replicate the look and feel of real grass. Thus, It becomes an ideal surface for practices and competitions in playing many different sports. The beauty of the fake grass is just one of the obvious reasons it makes a great choice.

Tested and Proven 100% Reliable Turf

Artificial grass brings out a healthy surface despite its low maintenance. The fake grass won’t attract insects and is free from allergens.

Another reason why using artificial turf is far more efficient than natural grass is there’s no need for regular watering and mowing thus eliminating maintenance costs and equipment. In fact, the durability of artificial sports turf allows athletes to play in all weather conditions and all-year round.


9 More Facts to Consider our Artificial Sports Turf

  1. Superior Quality of Artificial Grass Goes a Long Way
  2. Safe and Healthy Surface for Playing Sports
  3. Drainage Efficiency to Support Heavy Rainfall
  4. Customized Designs for Football and Soccer Markings
  5. Branding Integration in Artificial Grass Installation
  6. Heavy-duty Protection from Discoloration and Fading
  7. Original Artificial Grass Available All-Year Round
  8. Minimal Efforts on Maintenance
  9. Made in the USA
Artificial Grass Offers A Lot Of Features That You Won’t Get With A Grass Lawn.

Contact us today, and one of our experts will get in touch and help you with all your related questions.

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