Artificial turf can be a fantastic choice for those in desert and drought-prone regions like Las Vegas. The lawn will always stay a beautiful deep green, easy to clean, and eco-friendly. Still, even though it doesn’t need watering, artificial turf gets wet in the rain and needs to be hosed down occasionally to clean. Is it permeable? Does fake grass drain water? What are the dangers of water damage from fake turf? Learn all you need to know about fake grass, water damage, and why proper installation matters.


Does Fake Grass Drain Water?

Checking your grass for proper drainage should be a part of your grass cleaning routine. Not all synthetic grass is equal, but the best will drain water so that you won’t have issues with your turf going stagnant. However, depending on what kind of grass you have and the installation, it is worth noting your grass may drain differently than you think.


The two major types of drainage are channel drainage and a finger system. All synthetic grass has mesh backings that allow water to seep through. If the design uses channel drainage, the ground is smoothed with small channels that run downhill.

Touching fake grass

Systems that utilize a finger system use a porous coating and holes through the backing fabric. These systems have three layers: the artificial turf layer, the filler layer, and the ground cover from the preparation. Water seeps through these levels and into gravel, stone, or other drainage material.


The Dangers of Poor Drainage

Drainage is essential to your fake grass, but the grass will not drain if installed incorrectly. Standing water can go stagnant and provide a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes and ticks. Excessive moisture under your grass can also lead to mold and mildew growth which will smell terrible and lead to more bacteria and bug problems.


On a more aesthetic level, mold and mildew growth can lead to discoloration of the lawn, and if the standing water sits long enough, it can bleed out the color. Your artificial grass will fade and no longer look beautiful and natural.


Proper Installation Matters

When installed incorrectly, artificial lawns may have any of the above situations. It is tough to fix without tearing up the entire lawn to redo it. The minimal requirements for an artificial lawn to drain correctly are graded grounds followed by proper filler and channels. Without a drainage system, the risk is high. The water needs to go somewhere, and allowing water to seep into the dirt won’t do the trick.

installing fake grass

Does fake grass drain water? Yes, but it requires proper installation. A good installer will grade your land, install the appropriate drainage channels and filler, and ensure your lawn looks great and functions well for many years


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