Our pets become part of the family. When dogs greet you with wagging tails, you see how happy they are that you returned. You can’t help but smile when you see how much they love you.

The best way to return their love is to make sure they have safe and comfortable surroundings.
Artificial grass is a great choice to keep our pets safe and happy in their surroundings.

Outdoor Grass for Dogs

As you know, pets such as dogs and cats love grassy surfaces. Perhaps, you have seen them crawling and rolling on it. But maintaining natural grass is a tough job. You end up spending your hard-earned money on equipment, energy, and pesticides.

Real Versus Artificial Grass

It is a good thing there is a better alternative to real grass. Artificial grass can look and feel natural. Synthetic lawns demand less attention and maintenance than natural turf. They do not require water and treatments to extend their lifespan. This means they can be enjoyed for years without much effort.

Some homeowners have questions and concerns regarding synthetic turf for their pets. To help property owners like you plan, we explain why getting artificial grass is worth your investment. This will guide you in making sound decisions, so here’s why you need artificial grass for your pets.

1) Durability for long-term use

Real grass withers and turns brown or dies altogether when it is too hot or cold.
You will enjoy your new green synthetic lawn for years after the installation, no matter the weather it has endured. You don’t even have to worry about pets playing on the surface.
The artificial grass retains its form despite extreme weather and physical activities.

When pets get tough on lawns, particularly dogs, it won’t be a problem. Vegas Artificial Grass lawns are built to last because of innovative designs and functionality.

2) Easy Care for Pet Messes

Owning pets means you will need to clean up after them. No one really likes this part of pet care. You may be wondering how to clean pet waste from artificial grass.

  • It helps to act quickly when possible.
  • Remove solid waste and spray the area with clean water from a hose.
  • You can also use readily available cleaners to keep away smells and grime.
  • Urine should be rinsed as well. It is filtered through an efficient drainage system with small sections underneath.

Dog waste will not damage or discolor your artificial grass. The synthetic lawn will remain fresh even as pets are frequently called by nature. Leaves and other debris are easy to clean using a broom or a blower.

3) Non-toxic turf to pets

Dogs or cats have some annoying habits. One is they can’t resist the urge to chew or lick. These habits won’t damage artificial grass, and Vegas Artificial Turf is non-toxic to pets.

This makes artificial grass a safe and healthy choice for pets. It does not contain lead that can be harmful when ingested. You want to make sure your pets live without danger in their surroundings. Though, in reality, you cannot protect them 24 hours, it is comforting to know that your turf won’t cause any harm.

4) Economical to use and maintain

One of the main reasons why homeowners choose artificial grass over natural grass is low maintenance. After the installation of dog turf, you can leave it as it is.

Think about the minimal use of equipment, fertilizers, and other chemicals. Because of this, you can save money. The economical use of synthetic turf is also beneficial to Mother Earth. You have less consumption of energy and water. Artificial grass does not require anything more than simple maintenance, and it is entirely recyclable.

5) Aftersales benefits of turf installation

Some homeowners may think dog turf is costly. So, the best way to gauge its value is to look into the expertise and quality of the supplier. Vegas Artificial Grass has years of successful installations and happy customers. Call us today to get the lawn you and your pets deserve!

Considering Dog Turf?

Now, you already know the pet-friendly features of artificial grass. So, what’s the next thing to do? How do you plan on what to buy and where to buy it? There are overwhelming options in the market, but it does not mean every supplier will give you the results you want. Landscaping your turf for your pets is an investment. Vegas Artificial Grass offers a free consultation to help you in planning your new synthetic turf.

Call us today.

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